Kerry and Tara’s Portugal roadtrip – Day 1 – Ericeira to Praia da Galé.

It seems like another lifetime ago, but really it was only a few months back, in August, that one of my closest friends came over from the UK for a week. Tara and I haven’t been friends since we were little kids, we were both almost finished with university when we first met, and since then we have spent more time on opposite sides of the world than actually being in Cape Town at the same time… me on ships for 5 years and then in Portugal, Tara moving between Germany, Cape Town and now Brighton… and yet in spite of the distance and sometimes months without news of each others lives, every time we speak on the phone or get together we just pick up where we left off as if we just saw each other for coffee last week.

One thing we always seem to end up doing when we’re in the same place together for longer than 24 hours is pack a tent and hit the road… it’s our thing, and we’re getting pretty good at it. The first time we “Thelma and Louise’d” was in 2006 and since then we’ve road-tripped a few more times, the most recent being in March this year, where we even included our men-folk in the adventure but the Portuguese version was girls only… we left the boys at home for 3 days of camping, surfing, swimming and sun. This was day 1…

700_4050Day 1 started with the obligatory stop at the local bakery in Ericeira to stock up on “padkos” which in South Africa means “road food” as it’s absolutely unthinkable to be in the car for longer than 2 hours without having something to snack on…

CostaVicentina-3700_4053Praia de São Julião.

700_4057CostaVicentina-1700_4073Cabo da Roca, western-most point in continental Europe.

CostaVicentina-2700_4093CostaVicentina-4We took the ferry across from Setúbal to Troia and camped that night at Praia da Galé.

CostaVicentina-5700_4127700_4143700_4145travel photography Portugal

Click HERE for Day 2.


  1. I love your photographs! They are very inspiring 🙂

  2. these two are the sexiest donuts I’ve ever seen 😉
    I’m talking about first photo 😀

  3. These are VERY wonderful photographs. It looks like you had such an enjoyable time, and I almost felt like I was there with my toes in the water 🙂

  4. oh yes, i miss these days as well! it’s so funny that we really traveled through the same places maybe in the same week! that side of this country is quite amazing and so magical! how can one do not appreciate all that natural beauty? impossible!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments! Part 2 and 3 coming up soon…

  6. Hello from Indonesia! I was nominated to the Beautiful Blogger Award and in my turn I have nominated you. You can see details here :

  7. such a cool looking van to be road tripping in

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  10. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm

    So beautiful pictures.Thank you so much for sharing.Happy New Year!

  11. Dreamy and just beautiful!

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