Portugal roadtrip Day 2 – Costa Vicentina: Praia da Galé to Praia do Malhão.

Day 2 of our all-girls Portugal road trip… you can find Day 1 here.

We spent the night at the campsite at Praia da Galé… which is probably one of my favourites in Portugal. It’s close to the beach, it’s dog friendly, it has loads of trees for shade and it doesn’t suffer quite so much from that horrible delineated-campsite-syndrome that most 1st world country campsites are afflicted by. They actually have an area where you can just pretty much put your tent wherever you want, which is exactly what we did. The following day consisted of an early morning swim before hitting the road in search of some waves for Ms. T to surf… after lots of meandering and brief stops in Sines and Porto Covo we hit the beach again at Praia do Malhão, where Tara surfed for hours and hours and I, well… I alternated between floating in the ocean and sleeping on the warm sand… it’s a hard life, isn’t it?


Click here for Day 3.


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  2. bah, agora fiquei com vontade de pegar na minha melhor amiga e ir por aí. Espero ansiosamente pela parte 3, muito bom 🙂

  3. NuveaSantosCobb

    Makes me miss Portugal. Will there be a part 3?

  4. que bom que bom que bom!!! que saudades do verão! gosto do inverno, do estarmos aconchegados em casa, dos cheiros quentes em casa, bolos, velas, luzes… mas começo a ter saudades das roupas leves do verão!!! e estas fotografias não ajudam! :p

  5. Obrigada pelas palavras simpáticas!! Thank you everyone for your lovely comments… Day 3 (the last day) will be on the blog sometime next week. xxx

  6. Wow Murray!!! These pics are amazing, I especially love the one with the striped umbrella. All these make me miss you terribly, I hope life is good 🙂

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  8. those rainbow toes are awesome, haha

  9. You can really feel holiday time!! 🙂

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