Festas da Lisboa | Lisbon Festivals

June is my favourite time of year to be in Lisbon… it´s the month in which the city dresses up and parties hard, the wine flows, the local party music drifts through the evening haze, carried along by the smoke of a hundred charcoal fires and the smell of sardines… delicious grilled sardines which, for me, is such a quintessentially Portuguese thing I don´t think I´d even be able to associate them with any other country.

The city of Lisbon is essentially like a bunch of small villages crammed together… there are residential areas tucked away in the middle of the city centre and once you´ve wandered far enough into any of them you almost forget that you´re in the middle of the capital. The little old ladies peer down at you from their windows and everybody knows everybody else, just like a small town… and it´s these small neighbourhoods that are the backbone of the Lisbon festivals, the heated competition between them to see who can throw the best party, who grills the best sardines, who has the most colourful decorations, is what brings the city to life.

Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal




festas da lisboa-17

festas da lisboa-04


festas da lisboa-03


festas da lisboa-01


festas da lisboa-02

festas da lisboa-06

Lisbon festival, portugal


festas da lisboa-07


Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal


festas da lisboa-09

Lisbon festival, portugal

festas da lisboa-10

Lisbon festival, portugal

festas da lisboa-16




festas da lisboa-05


Lisbon festival, portugal

Lisbon festival, portugal






  1. Que maravilha!!!! Para o ano tens que vir ao São João do Porto 😉 tenho a certeza que também vais gostar!!

    1. Nos até podíamos ter ido este ano, porque não tivemos casamento naquele fim de semana, mas não pensamos em ir até era tarde demais… para a próxima temos que ser mais organizados!!

  2. AMAZING pictures! I also wanted to go out and photograph the festivities properly but did not get the chance! I am really happy to look at your as they truly cpture the vibe 🙂

  3. Inês Lopes

    o que eu gosto de sardinhas (e pensar que não gostava há uns anos)! e o que eu gosto das festas de lisboa =0) até dá para sentir os cheiros da cidade (bons!) neste post 🙂

  4. Wonderful series, Kerry. You’ve really captured a sense of the occasion; so much so that I wish I was there too. Fantastic stuff.

  5. Apetece viver tudo de novo! Junho é mesmo o mês de Lisboa em grande. 🙂 Que post fabuloso.

  6. Também adoro!!!! Lisboa é isto e tal como dizias, é um conjunto de pequenas aldeias! É o que tento explicar aos meus amigos que não vivem cá… viver em Lisboa é giro se viveres num bairro! E este espírito de Junho é uma maravilha!!!

  7. I just love a festival; and I love how you captured these.

  8. Wow, I like your style, in my opinion the ones with human hands included are really cool, it gives a life into your photos.

  9. Pretty nice pictures 🙂 Are you living in Spain or how long have you been there?

    1. No, I´m based in Portugal actually… 🙂

  10. Very pretty photos!

  11. mmmmm like i was there again.. very nice light and photos..

  12. […] on one hand it was sad to see my city so empty, especially in June when the city is (usually) celebrating the patron saint and summer festivities. But on the other hand it was great for taking pictures, as we practically […]

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