Spanish North Coast Road trip – Day 6: Mundaka to Zarautz

Click HERE for Day 5: Bilbao to Mundaka

Day 6. Almost a week of being on the road and just as many days of rain. This was the day that we finally cracked. Up until this point we had been cheerful and optimistic… “tomorrow will be better” “there´s nothing we can do about it so we might as well just embrace the rain” and all manner of positive phrases that we bounced about between the 2 of us. But then, when trying to visit San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (which is supposed to look like THIS) we encountered mist and rain so thick that we couldn´t even see 5 meters in front of us while driving. Combined with tiny windy roads and crazy Spanish drivers coming at us from the opposite direction, it was a pretty stressful experience and one that pushed us and our fake rain-happiness right over the edge.

There was yelling, quite a bit of bad language and then once we´d gotten it out of our system there was furious searching on the internet for some place, ANY PLACE in f*#%ing Spain that there wasn´t any rain. We didn´t care where, we just wanted at least one night in a dry tent. But after a while and once we´d calmed ourselves down a bit we remembered that they whole point of this trip was to see San Sebastian, which was now less than 40km away and here we were considering turning back. Clearly, that wasn´t going to happen, so we kept heading east telling ourselves that the food at least, would make it all worth it… bring on the pintxos.

spanish roadtrip-1Travelling in Basque Country, EuskadiTravelling in Basque Country, Euskadi
Travelling in Basque Country, EuskadiBasque country coastlineBasque country coastlinespanish roadtrip-3Basque country coastlineBasque country coastlineBasque country coastline

Click HERE for Day 7: San Sebastian


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  2. Gut gelungene Aufnahme! .-)

  3. Thanks for the mention! What a frustrating trip! It’s been an incredible summer here, so it’s too bad that one week you decided to come, that the rain was so relentless. Cheers for pushing through!

    1. I know, we really timed it badly! But even so, we had a great time. 🙂

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