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Beach camping at Praia da Galé | Portugal

We spent a few days this summer at Praia da Galé, on the Alentejo coast just south of Comporta… it´s one of our favourite spots to camp in Portugal and I always feel like we never have enough time while we´re there. This environment, these photos, brings out the dreamer in me… makes me want to drop everything and hit the road indefinitely.

Praia da Gale Camping-17 Praia da Gale Camping-1 Praia da Gale Camping-2 Praia da Gale Camping-23 Praia da Gale Camping-5 Praia da Gale Camping-6Praia da Gale Camping-24 Praia da Gale Camping-3 Praia da Gale Camping-4 Praia da Gale Camping-19 Praia da Gale Camping-7 Praia da Gale Camping-8 Praia da Gale Camping-21 Praia da Gale Camping-9 Praia da Gale Camping-10Praia da Gale Camping-18Praia da Gale Camping-11 Praia da Gale Camping-12 Praia da Gale Camping-25 Praia da Gale Camping-13 Praia da Gale Camping-14 Praia da Gale Camping-27 Praia da Gale Camping-15 Praia da Gale Camping-16 Praia da Gale Camping-26 Praia da Gale Camping-20 Praia da Gale Camping-28 Praia da Gale Camping-29 Praia da Gale Camping-30 Praia da Gale Camping-31


  1. joaquim@barros

    Great Kerry! I have camped there once and I share the same feelings as yours.
    Because that area is clustered in a Natural Park – Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano in the Costa Vicentina – the camping parks in this coast will remain sanctuaries for quite some time.


    • Thanks Joaquim, as far as I know, the Costa Vicentina natural park starts just south of Sines, so Praia da Galé doesn´t fall into the same area, but I hope that you´re right about the coastline remaining untouched for future generations. 🙂

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      • joaquim@barros

        Thank you Kerry for your correction. Technically you are right because Sines cuts off the Lagoas de Santo André e Sancha that were/are a natural extension of the Coast before Sines was developed as port city. In this case and because the proximity of Santo Andre e Sancha protected area there is tendency to consider what I mentioned. Actually this idea of the same extension stretches since Comporta where Troia is located and has always been questioned as a development. I also hope as you do that this beautiful coast will remain wild for generations to come. 🙂
        Anyway your pictures are a temptation for a holiday after the snow melts here in the north….
        Take care.

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  2. Kerry, your photos bring out the wandering spirit in me, so profoundly, in fact I almost have to cry. You really are talented 🙂 also, I’m keen to sample some of that tomato stuff Luis is making!


    • Bugs and bathrooms are definitely 2 things you need to make peace with to be able to enjoy camping… maybe a camper van is more your style? 🙂


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