Beach camping at Praia da Galé | Portugal

We spent a few days this summer at Praia da Galé, on the Alentejo coast just south of Comporta… it´s one of our favourite spots to camp in Portugal and I always feel like we never have enough time while we´re there. This environment, these photos, brings out the dreamer in me… makes me want to drop everything and hit the road indefinitely.

Praia da Gale Camping-17 Praia da Gale Camping-1 Praia da Gale Camping-2 Praia da Gale Camping-23 Praia da Gale Camping-5 Praia da Gale Camping-6Praia da Gale Camping-24 Praia da Gale Camping-3 Praia da Gale Camping-4 Praia da Gale Camping-19 Praia da Gale Camping-7 Praia da Gale Camping-8 Praia da Gale Camping-21 Praia da Gale Camping-9 Praia da Gale Camping-10Praia da Gale Camping-18Praia da Gale Camping-11 Praia da Gale Camping-12 Praia da Gale Camping-25 Praia da Gale Camping-13 Praia da Gale Camping-14 Praia da Gale Camping-27 Praia da Gale Camping-15 Praia da Gale Camping-16 Praia da Gale Camping-26 Praia da Gale Camping-20 Praia da Gale Camping-28 Praia da Gale Camping-29 Praia da Gale Camping-30 Praia da Gale Camping-31


  1. Great pictures. I love that Portugal area.

  2. joaquim@barros

    Great Kerry! I have camped there once and I share the same feelings as yours.
    Because that area is clustered in a Natural Park – Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano in the Costa Vicentina – the camping parks in this coast will remain sanctuaries for quite some time.

    1. Thanks Joaquim, as far as I know, the Costa Vicentina natural park starts just south of Sines, so Praia da Galé doesn´t fall into the same area, but I hope that you´re right about the coastline remaining untouched for future generations. 🙂

      1. joaquim@barros

        Thank you Kerry for your correction. Technically you are right because Sines cuts off the Lagoas de Santo André e Sancha that were/are a natural extension of the Coast before Sines was developed as port city. In this case and because the proximity of Santo Andre e Sancha protected area there is tendency to consider what I mentioned. Actually this idea of the same extension stretches since Comporta where Troia is located and has always been questioned as a development. I also hope as you do that this beautiful coast will remain wild for generations to come. 🙂
        Anyway your pictures are a temptation for a holiday after the snow melts here in the north….
        Take care.

  3. joaquim@barros

    Oh, by the way, your photos are excellent!

  4. Beautifully shot and what a fantastic
    experience. Looks like you ate well too!

  5. Kerry, your photos bring out the wandering spirit in me, so profoundly, in fact I almost have to cry. You really are talented 🙂 also, I’m keen to sample some of that tomato stuff Luis is making!

    1. Thanks Jeremy… the tomato stuff is rice, it´s really good and stupidly easy, we´ll make you some in December!

  6. Your photos really makes me want to camp! The only things holding me back are bugs and bathrooms …

    1. Bugs and bathrooms are definitely 2 things you need to make peace with to be able to enjoy camping… maybe a camper van is more your style? 🙂

  7. was this an actual campsite you camped?

    1. Yes! This is their website, unfortunately all in Portuguese but run it through Google translate…

  8. Hi, it says that’s dog aren’t allowed on the beach, did you go with yours? We’re here now and want to walk our dogs on the beach. Thx for your reply.

    1. Hi Thomas

      From what I´ve been told, dogs are technically not allowed on any beach, however, if you are on a beach without restaurants and lifeguards (wild beaches) then you are generally fine, as long as your dog doesn´t bother other people and you collect their poop. At Praia da Gale, if you walk far enough to the left or right of the central beach section, away from the designated swimming area, you will find other people with dogs and you should be ok. If you stay within the area guarded by the lifeguard, then he/she will likely come and give you a hard time, especially if the beach is very busy.

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