Travel Photography Albania

Montenegro & Albania

Oh hey there!! It´s been a while… but I´m still here, and after an embarrassingly long break in updates (summer is always crazy and this little blog of mine gets a bit neglected) I am back, as if nothing happened, to continue sharing our campervan journey through southern and eastern Europe. We were apprehensive about Montenegro and particularly Albania for a few reasons. First of all, was the fact that we were travelling with our dog and by entering these 2 countries, we were exiting the European Union. No big deal there, as he has all his paper work and…

Travel Photography Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik | Croatia

Dubrovnik is definitely Croatia´s crowning jewel and approaching the city from any direction is a breathtaking experience. The ancient city clings to the mountainside, suspended  in all her glory over the Adriatic sea, surrounded by medieval stone walls and ramparts, it´s impossible not to be impressed and not surprising that this city is so popular. In fact, her popularity would be her only drawback, especially when there are several cruise ships in the harbour but even so, there is always a quiet corner somewhere to sit and take it all in. SaveSave

Travel Photography Croatia


We almost didn´t go to Croatia, as we´d heard that wild camping is illegal and that the authorities are super strict and take some sort of peverse pleasure in rooting out campers and making life miserable. But then we decided just to go and see how it was, and if it sucked, we´d just keep moving through quickly. And OMG am I glad that we decided to go because since leaving Portugal and her glorious Atlantic coastline, this was the first place that we stopped and looked at each other and declared that “we could live here”. Croatia is incredibly…

Travel Photography Transylvania Romania


Romania was so many things… it was beautiful but neglected, exciting but frustrating, so full of potential but with the unmistakable sense that it´s just not quite there… yet. By far the poorest country up until that point, it was quite the stark contrast from Slovenia and the tiny bit of Hungary that we saw while passing through. Infrastructure is lacking and Romania´s public struggles with corruption on every level have resulted in very few improvements since joining the European Union. The people, however, were wonderful. We had quite a bit of van trouble while in Romania, some of it due…

travel photographer slovenia


Slovenia is a tiny little country that we knew nothing about but were keen to explore. After the humid heat of Italy, it was great to get up into the mountains and lower temperatures, although we still had the occasional dramatic thunderstorm. Slovenia is gorgeous but, let it be said, not campervan friendly. Wild camping is illegal and you are required to book into camp sites to spend the night. We didn´t do this, because it would have wrecked the budget, and twice we were busted by cops in the early hours of the morning. Once we got away with…

Travel photography Murano Burano Italy

Murano & Burano | Italy

Murano and Burano are two smaller islands that are part of the Venice archipelago and historically, Morano is where the glass-blowing factories are located and Burano was where the fishermen lived. Because of this, they are both much simpler in terms of architecture, the working class neighourhoods, so to speak, and quite a contrast to the sumptuous regality of Venice proper. Burano in particular is very pretty and colourful and, to our relief, much less crowded. People actually still live here, the fountains have water, the pace is much more laid-back and we spent a blissful afternoon wandering the tiny lanes…

Travel Photographer Venice Italy

Venice | Italy

Venice is one of those places that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. It´s Venice, there is literally no other place in the world like it, it´s breathtakingly beautiful and so unique that you can´t help but feel the love… but so completely overcrowded and expensive and badly managed that it dulls the shine of the city a bit. But Venice is Venice, and as this was my 3rd time here we were prepared for the madness, sort-of. I don´t think that these images do much to convey the intensity of the tourism here because we did everything…

Travel photographer Italy

Northern Italian Lakes

After leaving the French Alps we wandered around the lakes of northern Italy… Maggiore, Como, Orta and Lugano. Lake Lugano shares its shoreline with Switzerland so in the name of in-depth exploration we crossed the border, only to be shocked at how expensive it is there… and when an crotchety old man with more money than brains reversed his (very expensive) car into our van and then just drove off without checking to see what he´d damaged, we thought that we should really rather get back to Italy, where people are just as likely to reverse into you but at least…

travel photographer france

French Alps

The French Alps was interesting for a variety of reasons… first off, because the entire time we were in France, the Football world cup was on and by the time we got to the final, Portugal against… wait for it… FRANCE, while we were in France, you can imagine that the locals were somewhat ambiguous about us being Portuguese. Before we wiped the floor with them, the French were polite but quite smug in their convictions that their team would beat the Portuguese. But then, they didn´t… and their smug politeness vanished into thin air. So we decided to head…

travel photographer dordogne france

Dordogne | France

After Mirepoix, we made a bee-line north towards the Dordogne region for my best friends wedding, which was a week long celebration of friends and family with much food, even more beer, and open campfires every night. We parked the van under a shady tree and didn´t move for a week, which felt amazing. We also did about 14 loads of laundry, first time we´d washed our sheets since leaving Portugal (shocking but true) which felt more than amazing. Many thanks to the very kind and long-suffering Wendy from Quirky Camping, who I´m sure didn´t realise quite how much laundry…