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Travel Photographer Sicily Italy
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Sicily | Italy

From the Ionian Islands we ferried back to the mainland and drove north to Igoumenitsa, a port city with  several ferry lines running across to the south of Italy. The crossing was overnight and took about 10 hours which was perfect as we slept through… Read More

Travel photography Murano Burano Italy
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Murano & Burano | Italy

Murano and Burano are two smaller islands that are part of the Venice archipelago and historically, Morano is where the glass-blowing factories are located and Burano was where the fishermen lived. Because of this, they are both much simpler in terms of architecture, the working… Read More

Travel Photographer Venice Italy
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Venice | Italy

Venice is one of those places that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with. It´s Venice, there is literally no other place in the world like it, it´s breathtakingly beautiful and so unique that you can´t help but feel the love… but so… Read More

Travel photographer Italy
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Northern Italian Lakes

After leaving the French Alps we wandered around the lakes of northern Italy… Maggiore, Como, Orta and Lugano. Lake Lugano shares its shoreline with Switzerland so in the name of in-depth exploration we crossed the border, only to be shocked at how expensive it is… Read More

Travel photography Venice Italy
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Burano, Italy

So in keeping with the Venice photos from last week, this is Burano… one of the smaller islands on the outskirts of this “floating city”. It´s a half-hour boat-ride away from the city centre and much less crowded with tourists, definitely worth the effort of… Read More

travel photography venice italy
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Venice, Italy

Our recent trip to Rome got me a feeling a bit sentimental about out previous travels in Italy and a rainy spring day was the perfect excuse to spend a few hours going through my photo archives… and Venice is what I found, amongst others.… Read More

travel photographer rome
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Tiber River, Rome

One of my favourite times of day to photograph a city is that half an hour after sunset… when there’s still a bit of dusk light in the sky and the city lights are on and twinkling in the blue, fading glow of the evening.… Read More

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Rome Markets | Italy

On our recent trip to Rome we planned to do more of a foodie trip, rather than a “monuments and museums” kind of holiday… so I did a bit of research beforehand (and created an entire Pinterest board with ideas and recommendations from friends) to… Read More

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Rome in the winter.

Rome was, of course, amazing… always is. We had a wonderful few days, just about walked ourselves to death and ate enough cheese to last a life-time… and of course took loads of photos. The first time I visited Rome I was completely blown away… Read More

Travel photography Italy
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We’re off to Rome soon for a week or so and I am super excited, I love this city and can’t wait to visit her again. This trip is like the perfect combination of all the things I love most in life… travelling, taking photos… Read More