Marie Claire UK | October 2015

The October 2015 Edition of Marie Claire is out on the shelves in the UK and several of my images are published as part of a Brazil travel story. Not all the images published are mine, but they used one of my images as the opening page, which is quite cool. Unfortunately they credited me as Kerry Murphy, not Kerry Murray, but as the issue is already out, there´s nothing to be done about that… maybe I should consider a name change? 😉 Click HERE to see my original images taken in Salvador da Bahia at the end of last year.   

Boipeba Island Bahia Brazil

Boipeba Island, Bahia | Brazil

Boipeba island was definitely the highlight of our trip and I could have easily stayed here a week or more. In the end we did stay longer than planned and cut Morro de São Paulo out of our itinerary which I think was one of the best last-minute decisions we made. This island is incredible, it feels as though you´ve stepped back in time… there are no cars, only horses and donkey carts. The town is small and everything is within walking distance. Kids and dogs roam free in the streets, safe from speeding traffic (because there isn´t any). The beaches…