The “Strandloper”

A few more photos from South Africa… These were taken at an open-air restaurant near Langebaan (on the West Coast) on our trip back home from camping (I blogged the camping photos here). “Die Standloper” is a pretty unique spot, I’m sure that there aren’t many places like it in the world. It is quite literally right on the beach and everything is outdoors, the cooking, the buffets, the tables… Fishing nets provide shade above your head and beach sand is beneath your feet… all the food is cooked over an open flame and served in enamel utensils, knifes and forks are replaced with cleanly scrubbed mussel shells, which are only really necessary if you have an aversion to getting your hands dirty… this is finger food at its very best. Everything is fresh and local, all the recipes are specific to the area and the 12 or 14 (I lost count) course meal stretches from midday until late in the afternoon. And trust me, you will need that much time because there is so much food and it’s all so good… mussels, fresh fish, smoked fish, the best bread you have ever tasted… pace yourself and have a nap halfway through otherwise you will never make it to the crayfish grande finale…

Reservations are essential, especially over weekends and during the summer. They can do bookings via their site but a telephone reservation is a better idea… give them a call, their number is on the site…


  1. Wow! It looks like an amazing place. Love the photos!

  2. Is that sardines ? In South Africa ?

    1. We have loads of sardines in South Africa!

  3. love ur blog 😀

  4. Distan Bach

    Gorgeous, gorgeous imagery Kerry. I love seeing your new posts.

    1. thanks so much! I know I don’t alway reply to comments, but I really appreciate every one, thanks for taking the time!

  5. Photographs by Peter Knight

    Really nice set of pictures!

  6. actually the ‘ sardines ‘ are called locally ‘harders ‘; something more akin to a european mackereal
    ;grilled over the fire , we remove the head and bones, leaving you a very fresh,meaty fish. yummy !

  7. Vlad Radion

    I love how well you capture details, just amazing!

  8. Geoffrey Wulff

    love the pics, we are a couple, originally from Cape Town, left in the Eighties to bring our girls away from apartheid in Kent, we will both be retired in the next few years and had a great holiday in Spain, then on to Lisbon and stayed in Ericeira for a few days… loved the place and the pace, We met Abel Grave a Portuguese artist who was exhibiting in Ericeira, and as I spent time in Angola in the seventies courtesy of the SADF[Cape Town Highlanders] found that people often had a relative or were born there, as was Abel…so we will certainly be retiring to the Portuguese countryside, maybe near Figueiro dos Vinhos area…afraid Ericeira seems a bit too dear for us!!!

    1. Hi Geoffrey, thanks so much for your comment!

      Figuero dos Vinhos is a beautiful part of Portugal, we have camped there a few times and as a place to retire I imagine it would be perfect! We love Ericeira because of the laid-back coastal lifestyle, but also because we are only half an hour out of the capital city… which is useful, although it definitely makes the property more expensive! Having said that though, there has never been a better time to buy here, prices are at an all time low… I know people who bought more than 10 years ago whose properties are currently valued at less than they paid for them, back then…

      Best of luck on your search for a Portuguese property, and thanks again for taking the time to comment!

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