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Tavira | Algarve

Tavira is another little gem in the Algarve region that, while it´s still a lot more touristy than the Ilha do Farol, it certainly isn´t over-run with the drunk, obnoxious type of tourist… or at least, it wasn´t when we were there (thankfully!) The whitewashed walls and splashes of colour are reminiscent of the Greek isles, although the ubiquitous patterned tiles make it unmistakably Portuguese. As with many of our explorations around Portugal, we were travelling more for work than holidays so this little town left us lots to discover next time, when we aren´t on a tight schedule…


It´s about early spring, sunshine on the balcony, lazy days with good friends, flaky pastry, smokey bacon, guitar riffs wafting in on the breeze, dirty dishes that someone else will wash up… hopefully… otherwise, who cares? They can stay there until tomorrow.

Ilha do Farol

Our good friends Matt & Lena live down in the Algarve region of Portugal, about 3 hours drive from us in Ericeira… so whenever we have an empty week or two on our calendar (and the weather is playing along) we pile into the car for a mini-roadtrip down south and spend some time with them.  And because I can´t sit still for longer than 10 minutes without wanting to explore somewhere, I always have a few places on my list of “things to see” whenever we´re in an unfamiliar part of the country… this time around it was the…