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Óbidos, Portugal

Óbidos is a medieval town about an hour´s drive north from Lisbon, on the west coast. One of my favourite things about this place is that it´s completely surrounded by old stone walls and you can walk the entire circumference of the town along them… it gives you a really great veiw over the town and the surrounding countryside.  

Porvoo Helsinki Finland

Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo is a small coastal city in Finland about an hour or so drive from the capital, so during our visit to Helsinki (you can see more HERE) we hopped on a bus and took a day-trip to visit as we´d heard it was a really cute place. Starting out as a medieval fishing village, Porvoo was, at one stage, the second largest city in Finland. The colourful wooden houses are very typical of how people lived a few centuries ago and you feel like you´ve stepped back in time as you wander the narrow cobblestone streets, weaving between the brightly coloured…

travel photography Helsinki finland

Suomenlinna, Helsinki

While we were in Helsinki earlier this year we took an afternoon and visited Suomenlinna, a small group of islands just off the coast of Helsinki that are well positioned to defend the city and had been used throughout the centuries as a military  outpost and first line of defence against enemies. Nowadays no-body is fighting so Suomenlinna has become a popular day-trip destination for leisurely outdoor activities like picnics and (for the brave) icy dips in the sea.

travel photography Helsinki finland

Helsinki, Finland

Stepping off the plane in Helsinki my first impression was that it was cold… in spite of the fact that it was a sunny spring day and (according to the Finns) it was warmer than it had been for months , it made me realise how much I take the warmth of southern Europe for granted. Second impression was that it is very clean, modern and full of bicycles. Helsinki is the land of great design, Marimekko and the Moomins… all of which shows in the culture and community. People here are generally quite stylish (something that my friend Nani thought ridiculous,…

A Layover in Paris

In April this year we spent a week in Helsinki and on the way there (and back again) I booked flights with a long layover in Paris (well, technically 2 layovers, but that doesn’t make for a cool sounding title…). I’d never been to the City of Light before, so even a few hours would be better than nothing… and we felt very “Anthony Bourdain” in our Paris layover adventure. We ate some amazing food, thanks to the great recommendations of our airbnb host, and we also ate some completely awful food, thanks to the fact that our return flight arrived…

Personal project – Lena on the beach

I have been playing around with blur and movement in images for a while but never really got around to experimenting with it properly until a few months ago, when a friend came to visit and I dragged her to the beach in the bottom half of her wedding dress…

Travel & Food Photographer Portugal

Travel & Leisure Mexico – May 2014

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Travel and Leisure Mexico to shoot a story about the emerging modern food scene in Lisbon. I had the best time on this assignment, it was basically a fabulous combination of my 3 favourite activities… photography, travel and eating! And holy smokes did we eat. I was joined by food journalist Mariana Camacho from Mexico and we spent 5 days surrounded by food and wine in some amazing restaurants. This is the magazine layout as the story was published, CLICK HERE to see some of the out-takes and a few of my…


As you may have noticed by now, I am quite a big fan of the Alentejo region of Portugal. South of the Tagus river (Tejo) but before you get to the southern most coast, this part of the country is typified by olive trees and cork oaks, vineyards and tiny sunbleached villages. I love it here and visit as often as possible (except for during the peak of the summer, when the heat is unbearable). These are a few iPhone photos from the last year or so of visits…  Barragem da Alqueva Évora  Alcaçovas Casa Branca

Évora, Alentejo

The first time I visited Évora was back in 2007 and I fell in love with the city immediately… so much so that we were even talking about maybe living there once we decided to settle in Portugal. But then the second time I visited was in the peak of the summer, and I quickly changed my mind. The city is incredibly beautiful, yes… but 40 degree heat and absolutely no cooling breeze for 2 months of the year… not to mention the fact that it´s a bit far from the coast, is all too much for this wind and ocean loving…

Ilha do Farol

Our good friends Matt & Lena live down in the Algarve region of Portugal, about 3 hours drive from us in Ericeira… so whenever we have an empty week or two on our calendar (and the weather is playing along) we pile into the car for a mini-roadtrip down south and spend some time with them.  And because I can´t sit still for longer than 10 minutes without wanting to explore somewhere, I always have a few places on my list of “things to see” whenever we´re in an unfamiliar part of the country… this time around it was the…