Every time we come into Lisbon, for whatever reason, I always end up finding something new, discovering a side I hadn´t seen before or stumbling across a neigbourhood that we´d walked past a thousand times without ever really SEEING it. I love this city and I hope that I never stop being blown away by her changing faces, the subtle nuances, the play of light and shadow, old and new, silence and chaos. Lisboa, you have my heart.

Festas da Lisboa | Lisbon Festivals

June is my favourite time of year to be in Lisbon… it´s the month in which the city dresses up and parties hard, the wine flows, the local party music drifts through the evening haze, carried along by the smoke of a hundred charcoal fires and the smell of sardines… delicious grilled sardines which, for me, is such a quintessentially Portuguese thing I don´t think I´d even be able to associate them with any other country. The city of Lisbon is essentially like a bunch of small villages crammed together… there are residential areas tucked away in the middle of…

Azulejos Lisbon Portugal


A long-time obsession of mine, photographing the amazing tiles in Portugal, has had new life breathed into it by having a camera on my phone. Documenting these everyday things that pass you by becomes so much easier when you have a camera with you in every situation. Yay for technology! These images were taken with my iPhone and edited with vscocam… follow me on Instagram for other obsessions, such as clouds and freshly squeezed orange juice, and my dog…

polaroid photography europe

Polaroiding in Lisbon

Last weekend we spent a photographic afternoon in Lisbon with Rui and Cristiana from Love is my Favorite Color. Rui (like most guys I know) is all about the gadgets, and since he’s a photographer, he’s all about the photo gadgets… and one of his newest toys is an old-school Polaroid camera that he brought along to play with. I hadn’t shot Polaroids for years, and never on anything as old as this camera, but it was really great to mess around with something different for a change… the finality of having a print in your hand straight away is…