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Tiber River, Rome

One of my favourite times of day to photograph a city is that half an hour after sunset… when there’s still a bit of dusk light in the sky and the city lights are on and twinkling in the blue, fading glow of the evening. The magical combination of natural and artificial lights gets me every time and by the Tiber river we had the added bonus of swirling reflections off the surface of the fast-flowing water. This was our last night in the eternal city that is Rome…

Rome Markets | Italy

On our recent trip to Rome we planned to do more of a foodie trip, rather than a “monuments and museums” kind of holiday… so I did a bit of research beforehand (and created an entire Pinterest board with ideas and recommendations from friends) to find the best local markets. As it turns out, the research wasn’t all that necessary because there are farmer’s markets just about everywhere in the city, we stumbled across many just while wandering the streets, particularly in the neighbourhoods just outside of the “tourist zone”… Trastevere, Pigneto etc. There is also a lovely market right…

Rome in the winter.

Rome was, of course, amazing… always is. We had a wonderful few days, just about walked ourselves to death and ate enough cheese to last a life-time… and of course took loads of photos. The first time I visited Rome I was completely blown away by the architecture, the history, the way of life… but now that I’ve been living in Europe for 3 years, this time around it didn’t seem quite so foreign. The Italian lifestyle is very similar to the Portuguese (the coffee is better but the driving is much worse, which I didn’t think was possible) and…

Travel photography Italy


We’re off to Rome soon for a week or so and I am super excited, I love this city and can’t wait to visit her again. This trip is like the perfect combination of all the things I love most in life… travelling, taking photos and eating… bring on the pecorino! We’ve done all the touristy stuff before so if anyone has great recommendations for off the beaten track things to do in Rome, or know great restaurants where they don’t have the menu in English, please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!