Cabo Espichel

Aaaand we´ve reached that time of year again where the blog posts become few and far between… It´s been a while since I´ve published anything, but I do have things to share… just not enough time to select and edit and prepare blog posts. We went to the north coast of Spain, which was rainy but beautiful. We spent loads of time in the capital photographing the Lisbon Festivals, an annual summer-time celebration that takes over the entire city for the month. And I´m also working on an ongoing project centred around our local farmers market (you guys should know…

Beach love – São Julião

São Julião is our favourite beach in Ericeira, especially when you time it right and the tide is all the way out… it goes for miles and is almost always empty. Pure bliss. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen these already… they´re iPhone photos and edited with vsco cam.

kerry murray travel photography portugal


So I’m probably one of the last people in the whole world to get into Instagram, but here I am, finally. I resisted getting an iPhone for ages because I didn’t want to become one of “those” people… you know, the ones who are permanently glued to their phones and get that funny twitch everytime the email or facebook “pings” with a notification… but in the end I had to do it, the world moves forward, with or without me and it definitely makes my work life a whole lot easier to manage. But my favourite part is having a…

Travel photography Italy


We’re off to Rome soon for a week or so and I am super excited, I love this city and can’t wait to visit her again. This trip is like the perfect combination of all the things I love most in life… travelling, taking photos and eating… bring on the pecorino! We’ve done all the touristy stuff before so if anyone has great recommendations for off the beaten track things to do in Rome, or know great restaurants where they don’t have the menu in English, please leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Travel photography Portugal

Castelo de Amourol

We went on a scouting mission a while ago, look for nice locations for photo shoots and found the Castelo de Amourol, which is an ancient castle built on an island in the Tejo (Tagus) river. Parts of the castle date back to pre-Roman times… which is an insane amount of time for a building to stand in the middle of a river. Theres not much here besides the stone walls of the castle itself… no restaurants, curio shops and the usual flotsam and jetsam of the tourism trade, which adds to the mystery of the place… Portugal is so…

travel photography portugal

Porto do Barril

Just a few photos from a sunset walk we did many months ago, back in the summer… they’ve been waiting patiently for me to have some time to edit and blog them. The coastline between Ericeira and Santa Cruz is full of wheat fields, tall cliffs and secret coves… And in other news, I received a notification yesterday that this little blog of mine has reached 1000 followers… which simultaneously surprises and delights me! I have no idea why you have all stuck around since I blog so infrequently but I am so grateful that you have… and even if…

Oporto, Portugal Travel Photography


Late last year we drove up north to Oporto to shoot a wedding and the night before we took a wander through the old part of town and along the banks of the Douro. I don’t know this city very well but it has stolen a little bit of my heart and I intend to visit again many times…

São Miguel, Azores. Travel photography Portugal

São Miguel, Azores

The second place I got to visit in the Azores was the island of São Miguel… we flew in to photograph a wedding and spent a few days on the island, exploring. One thing you need to be prepared for on these islands is rain… lots of it, and always when you least expect it. We were lucky in Terceira and only got rain on the last day. São Miguel, unfortunately, wasn’t so kind to us (or our wedding couple!) but in spite of the weather (or maybe because of it… ) this place is incredible. Black rocky beaches, clear…

Terceira Island, Azores

Terceira Island, Azores

A belated Happy New Year, lovely people! 2013 is here, in full force… and the internet is full of people looking back, people looking forward… there’s something about this time of year that does that to you. So I’m not entirely jumping on the “retrospective” band wagon with this one, although these photos were taken may months ago and have been waiting patiently for me to do something with them. And I’m also not going to make any promises/resolutions about blogging more frequently, because I did that last year and look how far that got me! So. The Azores!! Terceira…

Portugal roadtrip Day 3 – Praia do Malhão to Sagres

If you haven’t already, then you may want to read Day 1 and Day 2 first… Day 3 took us from Praia do Malhão down to Sagres, the south-western corner of Portugal and the end of our trip. We meandered along, stopping for a while in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Zambujeira do Mar and Carrapateira and while on the last stretch of road before reaching our campsite we saw a cute sign for a little village called Aldeia da Pedralva… so we decided to take a detour. A detour that turned into a caipirinha and then another… and then dinner……